Saturday, 30 January 2010

Blood spills and water gushes on London's streets

Blood and water appeared on central London's streets as I came across the aftermath of two separate incidents today (Saturday, 30 January). 

Police had cordoned off a crime scene where blood stained the pavement on the corner of Bloomsbury Street and trailed across the paving stones covering the eastern tip of Shaftesbury Avenue (above).

Just around the corner, traffic piled up due to a burst water main on Southampton Row (above, click on image to enlarge). Police and a fire crew closed the road in both directions between Vernon Place and Russell Square. One car driver tried to steer through the torrent of water but was quickly stopped by a firefighter and a policeman who politely but firmly told him to do a prompt U-turn (below).

An Instant Reponse Unit officer from London Buses diverted buses 59, 68, 91, 168, 188 and the x68. He didn't have much choice and so buses and other traffic quickly ground to a seething static mass around Russell Square (below).

Paul Coleman, London, January 2010.

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