Wednesday, 6 January 2010

TV news frozen into solid block of boredom

Forget the cold weather, when will Britain's other Big Freeze begin to thaw? Television news editors and presenters at BBC News 24 and Sky News are currently frozen solid by their own mind-numbing obsession with the thick snow and thin ice covering Britain this week.

Despite the ongoing war in Afghanistan, a deepening economic crisis and a looming general election, the BBC and Sky are lazily blasting Britain's satellite dishes with a blizzard of bulletins constantly blowing hot air about the cold weather. Their 'big story' has literally fallen from the sky.

The rolling blanket TV coverage focuses on cancelled flights and trains and abandoned cars but barely mentions poorer older people who face isolation and even suffer hypothermia.

Many train drivers, signallers and station staff did report for work this morning. They enabled train operator First Capital Connect to run an 'emergency timetable in and out of London. That kind of normality wasn't reported either.

(Top photo) Gliding through the snow comes 313063, that formed the 1412 London Moorgate to Hertford North, approaching Grange Park station on the Great Northern Line's Hertford Loop.

(Bottom photo)
Black cat: Hey, why you sitting out here in the snow?
White cat: Jus' chillin', because my owners are watching their 39th TV weather forecast of the day.
Black cat: I like Channel 4's newsreader John Snow. John Snow! Snow, geddit?!
White cat: (Yawning) You is one tiresome cat, anyone ever tell you that, man?

Paul Coleman, London, January 2010

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John Snow??! **sighs**