Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Why are there no monkeys on London Underground?

Why aren't monkeys seen on the Tube? 

Until now, this was one of life's great mysteries but Underground News has revealed an answer.

Traffic Notice. 2, Conveyance of Monkeys by Passengers, issued way back in 1938, stated: "A case has occurred where a passenger brought onto the Railway a monkey, which broke loose in the course of the journey. Under the Board's byelaws such animals are not to be allowed upon the Railway.

"Ticket Collectors and other staff should therefore keep a look-out and not allow any passenger to enter or ride upon the Railway if conveying such an animal."

Mystery solved!

Extract from Underground News, Number 577, January 2010, published by the London Underground Railway Society. Copies also available from the bookshop at the London Transport Museum.

Photo shows invisible monkeys emerging from the street level portal of new Northern Ticket Hall at King' Cross St.Pancras tube station.

Paul Coleman, London, February 2010.


Anonymous said...

But what about the human-monkeys that still ride the trains? Should we keep a look-out and not allow them to enter the trains too, epecially on a Friday/Saturday evening carrying their magic potion bottles or just after (and sometimes even before) a football match behaving rather bizarrely (regardless of which team they may be supporting?)!


Rebecca said...

I wonder what is the most unusual animal ever to be seen on the tube. Any ideas?