Saturday, 16 April 2011

St Pancras Chambers refurbished and magnificent once more

The Gothic magnificence of St Pancras Chambers, the fairytale 'castle' that housed the old Midland Hotel no longer hides behind building site hoardings. A £100 million refurbishment of the Victorian building, with its formidable Euston Road facade, is now complete.
    I wandered inside George Gilbert Scott's famous Grade I-listed London landmark the other day. People can now walk up the stairs from King's Cross and walk under the arch into St Pancras International's Eurostar station. 
   The building's expansive chambers, rooms, corridors and famous central staircase re-opens to the public on May 5. With its grand penthouse residences and a new Renaissance Hotel on its lower floors, new life has come to one of London's grandest places. The Midland Hotel first opened in 1876 but closed in 1935.
    I'll be taking a tour inside soon. So watch this space for more details and photos (Click on images to enlarge).

Photos copyright of Paul Coleman. No re-use without permission.

Paul Coleman, London, April 2011

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