Monday, 20 June 2011

The Shard: bigger by little, each day

Maybe one day, most Londoners won't even give the Shard a second glance. But, for now, Europe's tallest building grows difficult to ignore. 
   Architect Renzo Piano describes his creation as "a city in the sky". 
  Fellow architect Ptolemy Reid describes it "as more interesting in construction". 
Prince Charles dismissively slurs the Shard as an oversized salt cellar. 
   Personally, London's tall, slim Dalek is growing on me. The Shard contrasts starkly with every building in London, as the photos show. 
   However, I suspect the London panoramas offered from the tower might quickly generate more interest than the Shard itself.

Photos: Copyright of Paul Coleman. No re-use without permission.

Paul Coleman, London, June 2011

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