Friday, 12 August 2011

Facebook reveals character of London rioters

Facebook has provided police officers with insights into the thinking of at least one young person who was arrested, charged and sent for trial for taking part in the riots that hit London.
  One teenager, now awaiting trial after a serious attack on the police, quoted song lyrics on Facebook back in July. The lyrics went: "All I care about is money...ima sip until I feel it. ima smoke until its done. I dnt really gv a fuk."
   Asked a few days later by a friend if they were behaving, the teenager replied: "Yh I'm stayin out ov trouble."
   But on Saturday night (6 August) when rioting flared in London, the teenager posted on Facebook: "eyyy what's happening...I'm hearing ders a mad riot??...I wanna get involvd."
  A friend replied: "Knew you was gonna say suttin like dat lool behave yourself."
   Another friend on Facebook warned the next day: "U shld stay at home."
    Sadly, their young friend paid no heed to their advice, went out rampaging and violently attacked police officers. The teenager's Facebook profile also might lead police officers to other people that might have been involved in the serious disorder.
To be continued when the trial takes place...

Paul Coleman, London, August 2011


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