Sunday, 3 June 2012

Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee, Thames River Pageant

Despite constant drizzle thousands of people lined the embankments and bridges of the River Thames in London to catch a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth II and celebrate the diamond jubilee of her reign (3 June).
 The Thames River Pageant, involving 1,000 boats on the river, was billed as a 'family day out' for the Queen and her children and grandchildren.
The jubilee marks the 60th anniversary of the accession of Elizabeth as Queen following the death of her father, King George VI, on 6 February 1952.
 However, the new Queen was not crowned until 2 June, 1953. She celebrated her Silver Jubilee in 1977 and Golden Jubilee (50 years) in 2002.
 Elizabeth, now aged 86, was born on 21 April, 1926.

Top photo: Queen Elizabeth II waves to people from the royal launch at Chelsea pier.
Above: People gather on the Millennium Bridge and on the embankment beside Tate Modern.

Paul Coleman, London, June 2012

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