Thursday, 28 June 2012

A sad end for missing Londoner Patrick Connelly

A major public and police search for Patrick Connelly, aged 83, a south Londoner who went missing for two weeks, ended sadly when his body was found in Peckham Rye Park on the morning of 20 June. 
 His family said in a statement: "Although it is a very sad ending for us, he has been found and we can lay him to rest.
 "As a family, we all want you to know how very grateful we are for the massive support you all gave to us during the last 2 weeks. 
 "We are amazed at the kindness of so many people who either didn't know Dad or us, but were still willing to help in finding him.
 "Good to know that when all we often hear is bad news, that kindness and generosity still remains in people.
 "Thank you once again xx"

Paul Coleman, London, June 2012

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