Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tottenham, Wards Corner, Seven Sisters, 'Regeneration'

Hundreds of new jobs, homes, shops and millions of pounds of new investment were promised for Tottenham in north London early today (Tuesday, 26 June)
 David Walters of developers Grainger said plans to demolish and redevelop Wards Corner, a landmark building at Seven Sisters, would regenerate the South Tottenham neighbourhood. "We have the opportunity to develop real regeneration for Tottenham," said Walters.
 Walters and colleagues persuaded councillors on Haringey's planning committee to vote 5-4 in favour of  a Grainger plan to build  196 new homes and shops at Wards Corner.  The vote, taken at 12.45am this morning after a five-hour meeting, narrowly accepted a recommendation from council officers to approve Grainger's plan. 
 The decision - the latest twist in a long-running saga - offers Grainger and Haringey hope that their development agreement can change Seven Sisters. Signed in 2007, the agreement was bitterly opposed by residents and Latin American, African, Caribbean and Asian market traders. Alternative plans by the Wards Corner Community Coalition had failed to secure formal Council support.
 Malti Patel, whose family has lived at Wards Corner and run their newsagents downstairs for over 27 years, said angrily: "I will have nothing left if Grainger takes away my home and business."
 Walters said Grainger would do everything possible to help residents, businesses and market traders who might want to temporarily relocate during demolition and return after construction. 
 None of Grainger's proposed new homes will be affordable or social housing. 
Wards Corner sits just south of homes and businesses in Tottenham badly hit by riots last August.

Paul Coleman, London, June 2012

For more details, link to Regeneration at www.londonintelligence.co.uk

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