Friday, 6 July 2012

Electric 'Dream' Cars in London? A Twizy quartet on Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury

Are 3-pin plug electric cars, like this cheeky quartet snapped in Bloomsbury this afternoon, going to rule London's roads? 
 The guy from the French car manufacturer told me these 'Twizys', assembled in Spain, run for 60 miles before they need "just a three-hour charge". 
 The basic, door-less model, without alloys, sells from £6,700. You pay more for doors, plastic windows and alloys. But there's no road tax and no congestion charge. 
 "I've driven one on a motorway within the London area," our man said on Great Russell Street. "But they're definitely designed more for the city centre."
Pollution-free revolutionary transport, or a cute gimmick? We'll see.

Photos: Copyright Paul Coleman, London Intelligence, 2012. (Click on image to enlarge).

Paul Coleman, London, July 2012

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