Sunday, 13 January 2013

London Intelligence: Economy, Jessops closes,1,400 lives damaged

The young woman in black blouse and trousers hesitates before me. "I'll be with you in a minute," she says.
   She serves a man showing interest in buying a Canon camera. I'm a tad miffed. I only want to pick up my prints. Finally, the man leaves without buying.
   "Sorry 'bout the wait," she says. I get my prints and leave.
   Just days later, the young woman finds herself out of a job.
 I didn't know it at the time but that was to be the last of my many trips to Jessops, the photography shop in Enfield Town, a north London suburb.
  On Friday evening, (11 January) Jessops closes for the last time. And not just in Enfield; all 187 Jessops stores across the country close with the loss of almost 1,400 jobs.
    HSBC and the Pension Protection Fund, as main shareholders, become secured creditors. Former  Jessops chairman David Adams says: "It should never have been put into administration . It was undue haste. It's appalling people have lost their jobs."
   An HSBC statement says: "We have provided extensive support for Jessops in addition to providing funds to cover the cost of administration and to ensure staff are paid in January."
   So, sadly, my local camera shop now merits a final photo itself. I wouldn't have quibbled over a few minutes wait. London's High Streets have lost an excellent shop with diligent staff giving good service.

Paul Coleman, London Intelligence, January 2013

Words & Photos © Paul Coleman, London Intelligence 2013

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