Friday, 8 February 2013

Compulsory Purchase Order Public Inquiry: Heygate, Elephant and Castle, Southwark

At 5.45pm (8 February), Government Inspector Wenda Fabian closed a four-day Public Inquiry into Compulsory Purchase Orders issued by Southwark Council against three Heygate Estate leaseholders.
   Southwark Council, represented at the inquiry by Mary Cook, a leading CPO and development specialist, said the CPOs were necessary to deliver new homes, jobs, shops and parkland via a 12-year regeneration scheme with developer Lend Lease.
   Southwark Council has moved out nearly all of the Heygate's 1,200 or so Council tenants and leaseholders, many of whom had lived at the estate at Elephant and Castle since it was completed in 1974.
   One of the three leaseholders, Adrian Glasspool - and the only person still now resident - told Fabian the CPOs were unjustified as the Southwark-Lend Lease scheme for the Heygate was not "financially and socially viable".
  Fabian now reports to the Secretary of State who ultimately decides whether to confirm the CPOs.

More to follow on this...

Paul Coleman, London Intelligence, February 2013

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Anonymous said...

At the very least this inquiry the other side of the story.myths and lies. put out by the council and the media.Adrian Glasspool and his colleagues were very credible in showing that this regeneration wont benefit those displaced from the Heygate but outsiders and investors.