Saturday, 27 April 2013

Does the Heart Beat Differently in Times of Crisis: 'Love in the Time of Crisis' by Theopi Skarlatos

Does the heart beat differently in times of crisis? 

Sex worker Anna says: "We don't have time for love anymore."
Activist Natasa observes: "I have friends who can't even afford condoms." 
Entrepreneur Zoe reflects on her possible childless future: "They say 'Love conquers all'. But maybe it doesn't..."
   Natasa adds: "They..," meaning governments and politicians, "are imposing some kind of misery" on the Greek people with their austerity and financial crisis.

Love in crisis
The above quotes are taken from Love in the Time of Crisisa three-minute mini-documentary by Theopi Skarlatos.
  This poetic film reveals the untold and statistically unquantifiable story of what is happening to personal relationships in Greece as biting austerity hits the fan.

Paul Coleman, London Intelligence, April 2013

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