Wednesday, 5 February 2014

London Intelligence: Level Crossing Safety after Elsenham - Letting children skate on thin ice (By Paul Coleman)

London Intelligence: Level crossing safety after Elsenham

Cars wait for a passenger train to pass over the road and footpath crossing at Elsenham station
in Essex. The parallel white lines mark the footpath crossing (© London Intelligence)

Letting children skate on thin ice

Network Rail says it is significantly reducing risks at railway level crossings in the UK. 

But the company remains tainted by allegations of a 'cover-up' over the deaths of two young people at a crossing in 2005.

Letting children skate on thin ice, written by Paul Coleman and published on the main London Intelligence website, provides an account of ongoing developments in level crossing safety since the fatalities at Elsenham in December 2005. 

© Paul Coleman, London Intelligence, February 2014

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