Sunday, 15 June 2014

Signals from London Real Estate Forum 2014: Capital inflows, outer London, Far East 'step back' warning

LREF 2014 guests and delegates arrive and mingle at champagne reception
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Berkeley Square signals

The second annual London Real Estate Forum in Berkeley Square emits strong and fainter signals about the direction of London’s political economy, writes Paul Coleman.
LREF delegates and guests include property developers, investors, agents, consultants, lawyers, planners and politicians.
The property jamboree (11-12 June) strongly signals foreign capital will continue to gush into London’s booming segmented property markets – residential, commercial office, retail, hotel, and student accommodation.

Step back
But will less affluent outer London areas, like Tottenham, Croydon and Enfield attract any of this capital? 
And will this gush of money stay for the long haul - or flip and run when investment pastures look greener elsewhere?
LREF delegate Kam Lee, an advisor to ‘high worth' investors, issues another warning: “Far East investors will step back from London if a Labour government is elected in 2015.” 

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LREF delegates converse over model of Canary Wharf Group's
Wood Wharf development © London Intelligence

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