Sunday, 19 October 2014

Blessed London: Flying Hearts, Kites over Camber, Camber Sands, East Sussex

Camber Sands (Photo: © Paul Coleman)

Blessed London 



A flock of Kites; popular Kites, Kiteboarding and Kite Surfing  
at Camber Sands (Photo: © Paul Coleman)

Londoners remain blessed by living in a city close to stunning scenery and beautiful beaches on the Kent and Sussex coasts, writes Paul Coleman.
For instance, Camber Sands, the beach of Camber village, near the medieval East Sussex town of Rye.
On a sunny, breezy Saturday afternoon (18 October), Camber Sands' vast and accreting sand dune system offers perfect conditions for kite flyers, kitesurfers and kite landboarders (above).

Vast and open
No worries, though, for people without a kite.

They just fly hearts.

And, simply stroll along the sand, and paddle in the surf.
Stretching mind, body and spirits.

Happily, these vast skyscapes and tranquil sandy spaces expand just two hours from most parts of London. 
Camber Sands - a special place where sun, sea, clouds and climate paint a powerfully poetic reminder that we live in a Universe of endless wonder.

Kites over Camber Sands (Photo: © Paul Coleman)

© Words and Photos Paul Coleman London Intelligence 2014

Paul Coleman, London Intelligence, October 2014

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