Friday, 1 May 2015

Questions and a few answers: Broadwater Farm and Lordship Rec

Broadwater Farm residents demand answers about future of their homes
© Paul Coleman, London Intelligence 2015

© Paul Coleman, London Intelligence 2015

On 23 April, Broadwater Farm estate residents and Lordship Rec users demand to know if Haringey councillors and officers are planning to demolish their homes and redevelop the estate - and build on the Rec used for decades by Broadwater United's local young footballers.

Haringey included Broadwater Farm and Lordship Rec as 'Site Allocation 63' in its draft Local Plan for Haringey 2011-26 - that lists potential development sites across the North London borough.

On 5 March, Helen Steel submits a Freedom of Information request asking Haringey Council to show 'correspondence, emails, minutes and any other documents relating to the inclusion of areas shown on SA63...'

On 7 April, Haringey's Head of Strategic Planning Matthew Patterson replies: 'The Council does not hold any correspondence or minutes relating to the inclusion of the areas shown outlined on the map SA63 Broadwater the decision to include it was taken as part of a verbal discussion between council officers.'

On 30 April, London Intelligence asks Haringey Council to identify 'the officers who discussed and then decided to include the areas shown outlined on SA63 Broadwater Farm'.
London Intelligence also asks, 'why are there no minutes or record of this important discussion and decision?'
Thirdly, 'how is Haringey Council seeking to reassure Broadwater Farm residents that they won't lose their homes - and similarly, Broadwater United's young people that they won't lose their football facilities?'

Today, (1 May), a Haringey Council spokesman replies: 'While we've carried out some initial studies on proposals for Broadwater Farm, there are no firm plans for the estate, Lordship Rec or the surrounding area.
'We know how much local people value the excellent work of Broadwater United and the football pitch, and we guarantee that any proposals would see the facilities retained or replaced.'
The spokesman adds: 'There is no suggestion that any redevelopment will definitely happen and we'll be speaking to residents this summer about what improvements they would like to see as part of our commitment that every family has a modern high-quality home.'

© Paul Coleman, London Intelligence, May 2015

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