Friday, 8 December 2017

Film Review: 'Concrete Soldiers UK'

Silent march for Grenfell Tower fire victims and survivors 14 December © London Intelligence 2017

Londoners who live on council estates are ‘not worth the land they live on’, says Concrete Soldiers UK (dir. Nikita Woolfe, UK 2017), an independent documentary.

Nikita Woolfe’s strident 62-minute film, condemning developer-led, council-backed ‘regeneration’ of London council estates, disdains some conventional journalism practice. Woolfe, if asked what the weather is like, would not say ‘some people say it’s sunny whilst others say it’s raining.’ With Concrete Soldiers UK, Woolfe simply looks out of the window and tells an observed truth that, in fact, it’s pouring with rain. Regeneration rain that socially cleanses London of thousands of working class people.

Indeed, Woolfe chooses war rather than bad weather as the main analogy to describe...
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© Paul Coleman, London Intelligence, December 2017

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